Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Job description

About Tandem 


Tandem is the platform for fast growing companies that want to grow faster. We provide all our members with technology,  services and a tight knitted community to run their office the smart way with happier team members. Our mission is to create a world where people come to work happy and through their work, live more fulfilling lives.  

We are working so that in 5 years we become the biggest community of companies in LATAM, where our member companies have everything they need  and through our network they are growing much faster. We believe that if we can change the way we work in Mexico we can change the future of our country.  

Below are the values that guide who we are and everything that we do:




We believe that companies grow faster together and we are always looking for new clever ways to support their growth.  




We believe that grateful people are happier people. We appreciate hard work and take every opportunity to recognize a work well done.  




We don’t not aspire or perfection, but we do inspire everyone around us to be better than the day before.  




We all want for people to come to work happier and live more fulfilling lives. For this we will try whatever we need to make our mission a reality. The way people work needs to change and we will do whatever is necessary to pave the way. Rocky could not have said it better: “It's not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”  




The future is not going to create itself and we are not going to wait for someone else to built it their way. We all have ideas of how the world should be, but to work on our team, you better have a tendency to move boldly into making your ideas a reality.  


Hungry for change. 


Because the humans of this planet deserve much better than the way they have worked for the last 2,000 years.  




  • Build and maintain tools and scripts to automate the deploy and testing of the applications.
  • Refactor to modularize code and break up dependencies.
  • Implement payment systems and invoicing systems
  • Design and maintain a multi tenant application
  • Creating the API and business logic to support web and mobile clients.
  • Working with product designer team to define an refine features, scope, estimations.


Minimum requirements.


  • At least 3 years developing with Ruby On Rails.  (at least 1 application deployed on production)

  • Ability to write elegant, clean code and maintanable code.

  • OO programming knowledge, MVC architecture and relational DBs.

  • Experience working with git, using branches, pull requests (git-flow)

  • Not a front-end job, but basic skill with HTML, CSS and javascript will be needed at some point.

  • Test Drive Development experience.

  • Self directed learning, creating your own requirements, an independent developer.

  • Experience working with any work management tool (Trello, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, etc)



  • Experience with Heroku
  • Advanced debugging skills
  • Startup experience

Everyone at Tandem receives.

  • A competitive salary
  • You get you choose your own hardware
  • Home office days
  • A culture of collaborative product building driven by independent ideas and initiatives.


Include the following in your application.

A brief introduction of yourself. Let us know what you are looking for. Let us know in which other projects you’ve enjoyed very much working on? Any projects you did not enjoy? What are things that motivate you?

Links to online profiles (GitHub, Medium, Hacker News, Twitter, etc.)


A brief history of your professional experience. You can send us your CV, a link to your LinkedIn profile, or a couple of paragraphs describing your work experience and the projects you’ve worked on.